A step into the unknown…

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal. Ask a lot of people and you’ll find those countries held up high as their go-to wine destinations of choice – and why not? They’re beautiful places to be, full of all sorts of things to see and do and produce some of the absolute finest wines on the planet. Touching down in Bordeaux or Tuscany or Rioja or Porto for the fiftieth time is no less exciting as touching down for the first.

Sometimes, however, you might be after something a bit different; a little venture into the unknown. Frankly, who can blame you? What is travel if not the need to try something new? For times like those, maybe the old classics aren’t enough. But we can take you somewhere that is.

We here at SmoothRed pride ourselves on our knowledge of the titan lands of wine, but (and we’re honestly not just trying to big ourselves up, here) we’re also a dab hand when it comes to everywhere else. The little, idyllic islands of Greece; the towering mountains of Switzerland; the endless, verdant vineyards of the Napa Valley or the rolling hills of Germany. We truly believe that there is a weird synergy between beauty and wine – all the wine countries in the world, funnily enough, happen to be genuinely stellar places to visit.

Oh, and just because it’s not listed on our site doesn’t mean we can’t help you out. Give us a ring or fire us over an e-mail, tell us where you want to go and we’ll sort it out from start to finish.

Remember, sometimes all you need is somewhere new. And if wine is made there, we can get you there.

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