Champagne to Chablis : A Festive Road Trip

Cold, isn’t it? The creeping chill of winter might be putting a bit of a dampener on those early mornings and late nights, but there’s one little piece of solace to be drawn out of it: Christmas is now so close that you can almost taste it.

With that in mind, let’s put a hypothetical into play: it’s December. It’s freezing out, obviously. Half your time is spent lamenting the fact that it’s dark at four o’clock and the other half is spent panicking about gifts. You’re being expected to lend a hand with the cooking on Christmas Day. Mariah Carey is on the radio for the fifth time today.

It’s a quaint scenario – one you might perhaps find some comfort in since you’re so used to it, having lived it every year for the past goodness knows how many – but it’s not the only one. There’s a way out; a different road to take. And it involves you drinking your body’s weight in champagne.

Our marathon, five-day Champagne to Chablis trip will take you from Reims, down the Route du Champagne, across France to Chablis. In the latter, you’ll sample the finest Bourgogne wines around – Chablis’ wines are crisp, white and dry Chardonnays, and make the perfect accompaniments to traditional French cuisine from the town’s markets (and if it gets too cold, of course, you could always take in some of those warming deep reds that Burgundy is so renowned for). In the former, you’ll indulge in the one Christmas tradition you can never tire of – the vineyards and estates you’ll visit produce the finest sparkling wines in the world bar none. Along the way, you’ll tour the wineries and get an in-depth look at the wine-making process so that, by the end, you’ll know your blanc de blancs from your blanc de noirs – and have stocked up on enough fizz to see you through to August 2019.

It should go without saying that you’ll do the whole thing in style – staying at some of Reims and Chablis’ most charming and luxurious hotels – and entirely at your leisure and your own speed. You’ll get the chance to see some of France’s most impressive sights, such as Reims’ Notre Dame cathedral, and experience the Christmas markets which the French do so magnificently.

The whole thing can be tailored to your every need, too – so there’s not much stopping you from popping into Alsace next door if you’re more partial to a Riesling or a Gewürztraminer. Just give us a call or shoot us an e-mail and let us know what you want.

Because let’s face it, it never hurts to do something different.

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