It goes without saying that none of us expected to be met with such difficult circumstances as we entered a new decade. So, while we, the team, are confined to our homes in London, unable to visit our friends and families for birthdays, weddings put on hold, and plans made uncertain, we are choosing to focus on that which has brought us together: our passion for our planet, our connection with our friends in our own countries and abroad, and our thirst for travel.

During times of trouble, it feels important to take a step back: to take stock of everything we have to be grateful for, to check in with loved ones, and to think about the future and what it is we value in this world. 

Like us, maybe you’ve decided this is the perfect time to concentrate on learning a new language, or dusting off that secondary school French, or perhaps perfecting Spanish. Learning a language allows us not only to discover new cultures but to engage with its literature, experience new worlds, and connect with each other in more meaningful ways. 

You’ll also find us spending those commuter hours we’ve gained furiously gripping the page-turners we never had time to get into before. While we #stayhome, we’ll each be discussing and compiling a shortlist of our favourite books to read that allow us to travel across the globe without leaving the comfort of our own sofas. (I’m nearing the end of The Secret History, but stay tuned to see if it makes the cut!) 

One hobby the team has certainly revived is home cooking! The Italians among us have already shared the country’s recently cultivated trend of making pizzas from scratch on a Saturday night — often live on instagram for that sense of community! So, we followed suit. We’re exchanging nonna’s parmigiana recipe for the secret to delicious boeuf bourguignon, coming together to share recipes from our different cultures. Don’t worry — I’ve asked the team to write up their success stories for you right here, so you can play along at home. 

Last but not least, perhaps you’ve already joined us in popping open that bottle you were saving for a rainy day. After all, being at home doesn’t mean we can’t get creative and enjoy the port de lune Bordeaux, right? 

Check back here in the coming weeks to discover our tips for travelling while you #stayhome. We may have put our holidays on hold, but that doesn’t mean we need to put our lives on hold too. 

To see more, check out our #StayHomeStaySafe Instagram highlights @smoothredtravel.

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