Discover the Essence of Tuscany on a Vineyard Experience

Some say that Tuscany is like a fine wine, its Old-World splendours and lyrical landscapes created with love and aged to perfection. Home to some of Europe’s most culturally significant towns and cities, the region is beloved by people seeking to admire some of the finest Renaissance art and architecture in the world.

But that’s only part of the story. Agriculture is at the heart of the Tuscan lifestyle, its wine and food integral to its cultural identity. To capture the true essence of Tuscany and delight in its mouth-watering flavours, head into the countryside.

Having spent much of the past year in varying degrees of lockdown, we’re dreaming of holidays but perhaps still a little nervous of crowds. So booking a Tuscany wine tour and vineyard experience may just be the perfect escape.

The Wines of Tuscany

With a history of winemaking dating back to the Etruscans in the 8th century BC, Tuscany is Italy’s oldest wine region and arguably its most famous.

Surprisingly, although the land is well cultivated, the soil is relatively poor for viticulture. Producers therefore have to work hard for a good quality grape, often at the expense of yield. Their dedication results in some of the finest wines in the world.

The Sangiovese grape is the undisputed King of Tuscany. Grown in the sun-kissed vineyards that grace the gently undulating hills of the region, it features in everything from 100% Sangiovese wines like Brunello di Montalcino, to having a minor supporting role to more modern grapes like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in the famed Super Tuscans.

However it’s perhaps best known in Tuscany’s most famous wine, Chianti, comprising a minimum of 70% in Chianti and 80% in Chianti Classico blends.

Immerse Yourself in a Tuscan Vineyard Experience

Wine tours in Tuscany are suitably laidback and every bit as indulgent as you might expect.

Many vineyards are family-run operations with a long and rich history. Visits generally incorporate a tour of the cellar and production areas, and perhaps a stroll around the vineyard, accompanied by an overview of the estate history and viticulture techniques.

Food plays a major role too. Tuscan cuisine is revered for its delicious simplicity and is the perfect complement to the wine-tasting experience – this is one of Italy’s culinary delights, after all.

Savouring the countryside is every bit as important as tasting its produce. Tuscany is a heady mix of beauty, its rolling vineyards lined with cypress trees and dotted with sleepy towns and medieval castles.

A vineyard stay offers true Tuscan comfort and a truly immersive experience in the heart of this magical region. Wake to the sound of birdsong. Devour a homemade breakfast on your terrace, watching the sun ripen rows of grapevines. Experience a working vineyard first-hand and get to know the people behind the wines. Relax at the end of the day with a bottle of wine, drinking in your surroundings as the sun sets. 

Piazza del Camp famous for its twice yearly Palio 

Tuscany Wine Tours

If you want to escape the crowds and discover the flavours of Tuscany, choose a Tuscan wine tour that includes a vineyard stay.

Our Tuscan Vineyard Experience whisks you away to a peaceful hillside location close to Siena. You’ll enjoy a private chauffeured tour of some of the boutique vineyards in the Chianti region, while staying in an idyllic farmhouse with infinity pool, surrounded by rose gardens and vineyards.

For a truly indulgent taste of Tuscany, our Luxury Tuscan Wine Experience transports you to a five-star oasis in the Chianti hills near Florence. Visit boutique vineyards on a private guided tour, and feast on a traditional Tuscan lunch, complete with matching wines.

All our Tuscan wine tours can be arranged to suit your requirements. To book your bespoke private wine tour in Tuscany, contact or call +44 208 877 4940 for more information.

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