Custom Journeys

Each experience is unique

Every SmoothRed trip is finely crafted to the needs and wants of each and every client or customer. That means that no matter where you want to go, what you want to do or how you want to do it, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. The itineraries you’ll find here on our site will give you a notion as to how we do things, but, in the end, the key to unlocking your perfect travel experience is you.


Be it a truffle hunt across Piedmont, a private, luxury shopping experience in Paris, a fascinating glass-blowing workshop in Venice, a cooking class in the heart of Tuscany, a wine-tasting with the wine makers themselves in Bordeaux or anything– and we mean anything – else, with customisation at the heart of what we do at SmoothRed, anything is possible. If you can name it, you can do it.

Anywhere, anytime

France, Spain, Italy and Portugal may be the foundations of our knowledge at SmoothRed, but they’re certainly not the boundaries. We can take you across Europe – through Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, among many others – and beyond.

To begin creating your ultimate travel experience, take a look at some of our example itineraries below, but remember: the limit is your imagination.

Custom Journeys Wine Trips

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